Cancel My Membership

Do you need to cancel your Membership to My Church Events?

Canceling yourself is easy.

Simply log on to your subscription at, click My Account then select Cancel My Subscription under Membership & Billing

If you paid by Credit Card.

If you have paid for your membership using a credit card, you will receive two options when you cancel your membership:

  1. Cancel at the end of your paid membership.  This means your membership will continue until the end of the period you have already paid for and not auto-renew.
  2. Cancel immediately and receive a refund for the unused portion.  This means we will cancel your account today and refund the card on file any balance remaining. 

Choose if you wish to cancel at the end of your membership or cancel today, then select the Cancel button.  An email will be sent to the email address on file confirming your account has been canceled.

If you paid by Check.

If you are on one of our annual membership plans and received permission to pay via check you will only have the option to cancel your membership at the end of your paid period.  

If you need to cancel before then, use the Contact Us option in the menu.  Be sure to include your account number, who to make the refund check out to and confirm the proper address to send the refund to.

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