Sharing a single event

Sharing a single event with your members and friends is easy with My Church Events. 

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  • Sharing a Single Event

    The first step to sharing an event is going to your Preview Calendar tab. Once you found the event you wish to share, open the event details by clicking on the name of the event

    On the event details page, you can then choose to share the event on Social Media via Facebook and Twitter. There will be a pre-filled post you can submit. Or you can send a direct prefilled email by clicking on the envelope button. 

    Keep in mind, that you can only email an event that is in the future.  If that event's time has already passed, you will receive an error message.

    Our goal is to make sharing your church calendar simple to use.  We hope that offering these features makes it just that.

    Troubleshoot Events Shared to Facebook

    When You Make a Change to An Event

    If you post to Facebook from an Event and then make a change to the Event under Edit Calendar, you will need to run a Meta (Facebook) tool to refresh the post on Facebook so that the edits you made will appear. This is true if you update the time, event title, or details. 

    1. Go to the Meta Sharing Debugger page -

    2. Preview your Calendar and click on the Event you shared and then edited so you see the Event Details on the screen.

    3. Copy the URL from your browser and paste that URL into the Debugger and click the Debug button.

    NOTE: On-screen after you click Debug you may see what looks like errors - this is OK. The debugging worked for what you need. 

    4. Go to the Facebook post on your Facebook page and click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the post. Click Refresh share attachment

    5. Then  Refresh the Facebook Page and you should then see the updates you made to the Event in your Calendar. 

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