Sharing your calendar

After all the hard work you've put in creating the church calendar, we have several easy ways to share it with your members. The link we provide points to the "Preview Calendar" mode, not to the "Edit" mode, so your members can view all the events without being able to update anything. 

In this Article

1. Go to the Home page and click on "Share Calendar." 

2. This page has links that point to various preview formats of your calendar. If you click on the Preview button by each link, you can see how that link will appear on your website.  Copy and paste one of the links on the Share Calendar page into your website. Easy peasy.

  • Calendar Grid View - the first link on this page is  "Your assigned web address" and will take you to the calendar grid view. This is an assigned link just for your church calendar. 

Other links to specific calendar views:

  • Current Day List
  • Current Week List
  • Current Month List

Linking the Calendar to your Website

Once you decide which view you would like to use, simply copy that URL, then go to your Web authoring program and create a hyperlink according to the website instructions. Just click Paste when prompted for the calendar link. 

For more information about creating hyperlinks, please see the documentation that came with your Web authoring software.

Click on the link below to watch a quick tutorial video on sharing your calendar.

How to embed the calendar in your website

If you wish to embed your calendar on your website, we highly recommend using our Website Plugin tool.   Select your Display Options and then click on Step 2 - Add to your Website.  We will then provide you with the proper HTML code to copy and paste into your website code. 

Keep in mind, if you choose to embed the full calendar into an iFrame on your website, you will create a fix height and width that will override the ability for the calendar to become mobile responsive. 


1. Calendar is blank

If you have linked the calendar to your website and the calendar does not show any of the events you have added or is blank, it is likely the link is not completely correct. You'll want to compare the URL of the link you added to the URL link that is listed under "Share Calendar".   If any part of the link does not match, you will not see your events. It's usually best to copy and paste the link we provide you to be sure it's an exact match. Sometimes zeros can look like "O"s, or "L" can look like a "1".

2. My calendar is not showing up on my Web page 

In order for your calendar to show up on your Web page, you need to link to the calendar using the correct URL. If you have followed all of the steps above and the calendar still does not appear, please email us at and include any error messages or circumstances that occur.

3. Can I add HTML code to my Web page to embed the calendar into my Web page without having to link to your site?

You can embed the calendar into the HTML of your own Web page. However, for the calendar to sync with any updates you make, it will still need to link to our site. Updating events on the calendar is also done on our site.

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