About My Church Events

MyChurch Events was created out of a real need and was designed specifically with churches and with churches in mind.  Unlike free calendars or expensive calendar software, we strive to have just enough features to help your church have a comprehensive calendar, without breaking the church's budget. 

Our beliefs.

Here at MyChurch Events, we believe in teaching Bible truths.  Although we are a for-profit company, we are privately owned by a man of faith with a doctorate in ministry.  We do not promote a specific denominational position, but we stand in the mainstream of Christian faith.

Our team.

Our artists, editors, IT developers and customer service specialists work behind the scenes from all over the US.  We are a friendly bunch and happy to help you and your church in any way we can.

About our calendar art.

In most cases, Scripture quotes are taken from KJV (King James Version), NKJV (New Kings James Version), ESV (English Standard Version) or NIV (1986) versions of the Bible.  If no scripture reference is provided, it is the same phrase used in all translations or a paraphrase of a scripture saying.

We also do captions for church-specific events or activities such as Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, Sunday School, VBS and more.

Art suggestions by our customers are highly encouraged and welcomed as we add new art to our library every week.

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