Coordinating Rooms and Equipment

In most busy churches, rooms and equipment are used often by many different people and groups within the church.

My Church Events takes the stress out of sharing resources with many people! You can schedule and reserve rooms or equipment for any event to help prevent double booking of resources simply by adding a few pieces of information onto a calendar event.

To create your list of available resources to reserve, locate the Rooms & Equipment section on the Calendar Homepage. 

Create your list of rooms and equipment. You can add, edit or delete any resource. 

Once you've created your list of rooms and resources, these options will now show as a listing in the 'Add or Edit an Event' page.

NOTE:  In order for a room to be seen as reserved to the event on the LIST VIEW calendar page, you must include the room name in the LOCATION field as well on the 'Add or Edit an Event' page. 

Watch the short video below to find out exactly how to set up the Rooms and Equipment feature:

Rooms & Equipment from Communication Resources, Inc. on Vimeo.

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