Adding or Editing an Event

When using  My Church Events online calendar, the majority of the work you will do will be in the Add or Edit an Event window. This window will guide you through adding or editing any event with times, locations, directions, title of your events, etc.

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Add a Quick Event.

Adding Quick events is a fast way of adding new events to your calendar when all you want to enter is an event's title, date and time.

To add a quick event, find the day you wish to add the Quick Event in the calendar grid view, click on the calendar icon with the lightning bolt. 

Then add your title and time, and click the Add Event button.

If this is an all day event, leave the time fields blank and it will save as an all day event.

You must supply a title for every event  in order for it to appear on your calendar. The title for the event you provide will show on the calendar. The event title can be any plain text you wish to add.

An event title cannot be a hyperlink--doing so will cause the name of your event to not match correctly with your event details.

Add an Event.

To add an event with more details, click on the icon with a calendar with the red plus sign within a calendar day or click on +Add Event at the top of the Edit Calendar page.

The ONLY required field when adding an event is the title field.  All other fields are options.

The Event Title can have up to 255 characters in it. 

Click on the video below to view a quick tutorial on adding and editing events in your calendar.

Add a time to an event.

You can include start and finish times for an event by clicking on the calendar icons and choosing the From: and To: times.

If you have a time that does not on the hour or half hour, you can manually enter the times in the text box. When you manually enter a time, in specifying AM or PM, do not use periods (e.g. A.M. or P.M.) If you do, you'll receive an error stating that your event time is not in the correct format.

Select the check mark next to All day event. All day events sort to the top of the day in the calendar view.

You can also select if this is a Recurring Event under the Repeat: drop down menu.

The Location Field

The Location field provides the ability to add a quick description of the location of any event such as Fellowship Hall, Choir Room, Pastor's Office, etc.

This field can be left blank.
You can add specific directions in the Directions field and/or add a map at Map Link near the bottom of the 'Add or Edit an Event'page.

Change Event Colors and Fonts

You can change the event color and the font style of each event that appears in the calendar grid view. 
  1. Click the title of an event while in edit mode to bring up the add or edit event window.
  2. Choose a style for the event title by selecting on style from the "Font Style" drop down menu. Tip: Choosing Strike-through is a great way to show a canceled event without deleting it.
  3. Choose a color from the drop down menu right beside the "Font Style" menu to change the color of the title.
  4. Click the Save Changes button. 
The color that you've chosen will only show up in calendar preview mode (the way your church members normally view it.) All event titles are red in edit mode to symbolize that they can be edited. 

Adding Event Details

You can add information about the event in the text box under the Location Field.  These details will show when a member clicks on an event. These details can include more information about the event or who to contact. Here, you can change the font of the event, add a Hyperlink to your event or even Insert a Feedback Form.
To add an image to your event details, click on the photo icon on the top row of the event details box.

Search for an image from our Library, then simply click on the image you wish to insert.

You can add up to 8,000 characters in your event details. 

What determines the way dates are listed for each day on the calendar's monthly view? 

Events are first saved in chronological order if they are marked with a specific time using the preset time options. If the event does not include a time, the most recently modified event will appear at the bottom of the day. Placing a numerical value in the event title only ensures that the event will be placed at the bottom of the list when it was added.

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