Create or Edit Interest Groups

    Interest Groups are additional calendars you can create for specific groups within your church. Such groups could be Elders, Youth Group, Women's Prayer Group, Kids Kingdom, Choir, Worship Team, or more. You can add as many Interest Groups as you like. Interest Groups are used to allow users of the calendar to search or see events applicable to their Interest Groups.  

    From the home page dashboard, click on "Interest Groups."

    1. Add an interest group by clicking "Interest Groups" in the top right corner.

    2. Add the interest group name and click save. 

    3. You may then choose to make subgroups that will appear underneath the interest group you select.

    4. Edit or delete groups and subgroups by clicking the edit button. 

    When adding an event to a calendar, the list of interest groups you have created will be displayed on the add/edit event feature. This is where you will be able to attach your interest groups to a specific calendar event.

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