Scrolling featured events

You can feature upcoming calendar events in the Scrolling box at the top of your calendar to draw special attention to the event. 

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Set up Featured Events

Feature a specific calendar event


How to set up Featured Events

Before you can feature a specific event in the scrolling box, you must set your calendar to use Featured Events. To do so, follow these easy steps:

  1. From the Home page, choose "Calendar Options" from the left menu.
  2. From 'Choose which events will show in the scrolling window:', select your preference. If you choose the last option, "Don't show scrolling window", Featured events will be unavailable.
  3. Click 'Save Changes'.

Feature a specific event

In the 'Add or Edit an Event' dialog box, you can set a calendar event to be featured.

The calendar event can be featured in 2 ways from this page:   
1. You can check an event to be featured and it will always be featured until the date of the event has passed OR
2. You can feature an event for a specific period of time by checking the box to Feature This Event AND provide the start and finish date to feature the event. For example, if you would like a Valentine's Dinner to be featured the entire week before Valentine's Day, simply type the dates 2/7/18 and 2/14/18 at the Feature this Event field.

SPECIAL NOTE: Your featured events will only show in the scroll box at the top of the calendar only if you have the scroll box set to display 'Events marked as Featured Events' from the Calendar Options page.


1. Why won't the scrolling box information show on my calendar?

Some settings on your internet browser may be affecting how it works:

1. Go to

  • Internet Browser
  • Tools
  • Internet Options
  • Advanced
  • Microsoft VM
  • JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled should be checked

2.  You can also check the following:

  • Internet Browser 
  • Tools
  • Options
  • Security
  • Custom Level
  • Java permissions on MS VM on any non-disabled choice (such as High Safety, Low, Medium)
  • Scripting Active scripting - Enable should be checked
  • Scripting of JAVA applets -  Enable

2. The scrolling events window is showing events in the distant future instead of this week's events:

Your calendar's scrolling window is showing future events and dates because the preferences for it are set to show "Events marked as Featured Events".

Fixing the problem is easy:
1. Open your calendar in Edit view.
2. Click the "Edit Scrolling Events" link -- it's the link just below the scrolling window at the top of your calendar.
3. Select a different option. "Current day's events" will show just today's events. "Next 7 day's events" shows activities for the coming week.
4. Click the "Save Changes" button once you have made your change.

This change will reset window to show the events you selected. You can change those settings as often as you like.

You can also edit scrolling events by going to the Home Page and Clicking on "Calendar Options."  This will open the page with the scrolling events settings.  Follow the steps above.

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