Search Your Calendar

If you have trouble finding an event or want to see various dates for one event, My Church Events makes it easy to search for your event.  

To search for events, use the  search box on the top left-hand corner of the Edit or Preview calendar page. It must contain at least one full word from the Event's title. For example, if you type in "Sunday," a list of events would come up with the event containing Sunday such as Sunday School. When you search for an event, it will only show in the list view of your calendar.  

If you want to include past events in your search, check the box underneath the list, and calendar buttons called "Search Past Event through". Then choose in the dropdown how far you want to go back. You can go back as far as you see in the dropdown box.

You can search back 10 years if you check Search Past Events and pick a month and year. In your search results, the dates that are in the past will be crossed out to show you they have already happened. 

You can also filter your search results by interest groups and resources. Next to the list and calendar buttons, select from the drop box either interest group or resource (or both!) for which you would like to search. 

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