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There are several ways to find events in your calendar. Here are tips so you can find what you want quickly.  

The tips below work while viewing the Events Calendar in Edit Mode (for the administrator and editors only) or Public Mode (anyone who has access to the calendar). 

NOTE: If you are using an iCalendar feed to pull the Events Calendar events into a Google or other calendar program, these features may not work as written. You would use the search features for that program rather than what is below.  

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Search for events in the future by keyword.

Search for past events.

Look for all events for an Interest Group or Resource

Find events that are set as private

Search for events in the future by keyword. 

The most powerful way to search for a single event is by keyword. Look in the upper-left corner and type in a keyword or phrase to find events that match.

Search for past events. 

Want to remember when something happened last year? You can do a keyword search like above and click the “Past Events” toggle so your search results show all past events.  

Your calendar events are kept for 10 years.  

Look for all events for an Interest Group or Resource. 

When looking for all events for a specific Interest Group (such as Youth Group or Choir), you can click a dropdown and your calendar will filter and show only events for that interest group.

From here, you can click through the calendar to see all events for that interest group.

If you choose an interest group that has sub-groups, you will see all events for that group and its subgroups.

Or you can choose just one subgroup, and then you will see events for only the subgroup.

In the example above, you can select “Women’s Prayer Group” in the dropdown and you will see events that are tagged with ”Women’s Prayer Group” or “Sisters of Strength.” If you want to only see events related to “Sisters of Strength”, you will click on that in the drop-down to restrict what you see in the calendar.

Resources work the same way: You can use the resource dropdown to choose a specific church resource and view all events related to it.

Find events that are set as private.  

Your calendar may have some private events used for staff or specific needs. If you aren’t seeing events you expect, they may be set to private. Check with your Calendar Administrator to find out if that’s the case. Read this article for details: Use Private Events.

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