Setting up your calendar

From the home page of My Church Events, you can begin making your calendar reflect the personality of your church. Read on to get started with the setting up your calendar! 

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Setting Calendar Options

Adding Holidays

Choosing Colors & Fonts

Setting Calendar Options

At the home page, click ‘Calendar Options’ where you can: 

  • Enter the basic contact information for your church
  • Choose events that show in the scrolling window
  • Choose to show event end times on Calendar View
  • Choose to show Facebook and Twitter share buttons on Event Details page
  • Choose to show the calendar header
  • Set the correct time zone

Click on the link below to watch a quick tutorial video on updating your calendar options.

Calendar Options from Communication Resources, Inc. on Vimeo.

Adding Holidays

There are a few ways to add holidays to your calendar. 

      The best way to add holidays is from the home page and click 'Holidays.'  From there, you can manually select the holidays from the library of pre-set holidays. Choose the holidays that you want to display, click ‘Save’, and your calendar is populated. 

     If you cannot find the holiday on the list you can always add a customized holiday.

    To do this, add an all-day event on the date of the holiday. For example, to add Thanksgiving to the calendar, click the add "Event" link on the date of Thanksgiving. Then type "Thanksgiving Day" for the event title and check the "All day event" box next to the time. Click “Save Changes” and you're finished.

Choosing Colors & Fonts

 "Calendar Colors & Fonts" link allows you to edit your display options, including the grid color, grid font colors and the fonts and colors for your events!

Be careful to not choose the same color for the header and font!  If they are the same, the days of the week lettering will not be visible!

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