Printing Your Calendar

My Church Events was created as an easy-to-use online calendar just for churches. We aim to help you maintain an updatable calendar and share events hassle-free within your church or organization. 

Although you can print the calendar, it works best when viewed online. Using the print option may not always give you the exact look you want.  

Our help guide below explains how you can print the calendar and tips on making it look great. 

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Select and Print Your Calendar

You can print from Preview or Edit modes. 

First, choose to Print the List OR Calendar (grid) view. 

Then select Month, Week or Day (the Day option is only available in List view.)

Once you see what you want to print on the screen, click the Print View link (printer icon) near the top of the page. 

This will open a new window in your web browser that shows the Print view of your calendar.  To print, select File >> Print or right-click with your mouse on the webpage and select Print.

Here are our recommended settings before printing if they are available in your browser:
  • Set your margins to .5 on all four sides. 
  • Make sure the Header and Footer fields are blank.
  • Select "Fit to page" or a % of page size so the entire calendar fits on one page.
  • Verify that the layout setting says "Landscape."
  • Verify the correct printer is selected and select the number of pages and copies you want to print. 

Once you have the print settings as you like, select Print!

Currently, the calendar can only be printed to fit a standard letter-size page, although you may be able to adjust this under your printer setting if desired.

TIP: If your monthly grid calendar does not fit well on one page, try the ideas under Make Your Calendar Fit on One Page.

Print Multiple Months at Once

If you would like to print out more than one month at a time, first select the date range you wish to print.

Once you have chosen your date range, follow the same steps from the previous section by clicking the Print View icon and printing from there.  Each month will automatically start on a new page. 

Print Calendar by Interest Groups and/or Resources

You can print just an interest group's calendar events rather than printing all events.

  1. Open View Calendar
  2. Go to the Interest Group and/or Resources drop-down menu and choose the interest group you would like to print.
  3. Click on the Print View icon.
  4. Follow the instructions above for printing.

Print Private Events

If you are logged in to view private events when you click the Print View button, all private events will display and print on your calendar.

If you do not want private events to print, click the padlock icon in the upper-right part of the screen, and then click "Hide private events." You may see “Hide [name of your private calendar]” which includes the name you gave your private calendar. For sample example, our calendar says "Hide Office Calendar".

If you only want to print Private Events and nothing else, an interest group will need to be created and each private event tagged with that interest group.

Once you unlock the private events and select the interest group that was created in the dropdown, when you print you will only see Private Events. Learn about Creating and Editing Interest Groups.

Make Your Calendar Fit on One Page

While it looks great online, if your calendar has a lot of information, it may take more than one page to print it all. Try these suggestions to make it fit on one page:

  1. Change your margins to .25” or as small as your printer can handle.
  2. Choose Portrait orientation instead of Landscape in your printer dialog.
  3. Try "Shrink to fit" in your printer settings and then try Portrait or Landscape to see which option works best.
  4. Choose to print some events rather than all. Administrators and Editors can make a group called 'Print Events' or something similar. Tag all the events you want to print to this interest group. Choose this interest group when printing. You won't be able to print all the events, but you can choose the important ones. This way, you can make sure your calendar fits on one page.
  5. You can Export the calendar to Word to make adjustments to font sizes, cell sizes and more.

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