Getting Started Using My Church Events

    My Church Events makes creating and sharing your church's calendar easy. 

    In this article, we'll review six easy steps to create, edit, and customize your church calendar. We'll take you through the process--and before you know it, you'll be ready to share your calendar. 

    Note: At this time we do not have an import tool available.

    In this Article

    Add and edit events

    Customize your calendar

    Interest Groups

    Private Events

    Print and share your calendar

    Additional calendar features

    Add and edit calendar events

    After logging in, click on EDIT CALENDAR. You'll see small icons on each date in the calendar.

    Choose a day on the calendar to enter an event. Click the ADD EVENT icon within the calendar date. Complete the appropriate information and click Save & Close. Your first calendar event is entered!  

    To add an image to the calendar event, click the ADD IMAGE icon. You can search for an available image, OR upload your own. Click Save and you've entered an image onto a calendar event for more visual appeal!

    To quickly add an event with just the title and time, click the ADD QUICK EVENT icon. Enter the event title and the time and click ADD EVENT to save it to your calendar.

    We have a help document to learn more about all the features for Adding and Editing Calendar Events.

    Customize your calendar by adding an image or logo

    We make it easy to add your church's logo and address--making your My Church Events calendar unique for your church. 

    From the home page, click on the 'Calendar Options' link in the menu and follow the instructions.

    1. Click the + in the box that says "Click here or drag and drop to add an image." (you'll need to make sure you have your logo image saved your computer in order to upload it.)
    2. Choose the image to upload from your computer and save. 
    3. Once you've completed your changes on the page, click the SAVE CHANGE button. 

      Besides add a logo, you can also add an image to a specific date or event. Watch this video tutorial to learn how. 

    4. Updating Calendar Options - Video Tutorial

    Add Interest Groups

    Interest Groups are additional calendars you can create for special groups within your church such as Youth Group, Women's Prayer Group, Kids Kingdom, Choir, Worship Team, etc. You can add as many as you like.  Interest Groups are used to allow visitors to the calendar to search or see events applicable to their Interest Groups.  

    Interest Groups can be added or edited by clicking on 'Interest Groups' link in the menu on the home page--or the ADD/EDIT INTEREST GROUPS Box.   

    Once you have added an interest group, you can attach to an event on the "Add or Edit an Event" screen.

    To learn more about creating and utilizing Interest Groups in your calendar, view this video tutorial:

    Read our help document for more detailed information about groups here: Working with Interest Groups

    Keep private events private

    My Church Events gives you the option to create events that are meant only for church staff to view (such as meetings, counseling sessions, and events that don't apply to the entire congregation). 

    IMPORTANT: These events are password protected and only those with the private events password will be able to view these events.  

    To create a private event, go to the ‘Add or Edit an Event’ page and check the ‘Private-hide from public view’ box under ‘special options.’ After the event is saved, it will appear with a padlock beside it on the ‘edit calendar’ page.

    The private event settings are located by clicking on the ‘Private Events’ link in the menu on the left side of the home page. Here you will set the link title and password. The events are viewed by going to the ‘Preview Calendar’ page, clicking on the ‘padlock’ icon in the upper right of the page, and entering the Private Events password.  As an administrator, you control who has the private events password giving access to view those events.

    Watch this tutorial for more info on Private Events:

    Read our help document for more detailed information about private events here: Private Events.

    Print and share your calendar

    You made it to the finish line!  It is time to share your calendar. My Church Events has several ways of sharing your calendar: printing, emailing a link, hyperlinking, adding a plug-in to your church’s website, and syncing to your member’s online calendars with the iCalendar feed.


    Printing is easy and can be done through the printer icon in the upper right corner of the 'Edit Calendar' and 'Print Preview' pages.  Simply click on the printer icon and print using your browser’s print commands.  

    Need to edit before you print? One of the best things about My Church Events is that the calendar can be exported to Word for editing and printing.  Simply click on the download icon in the upper right of the edit or preview page and then click on ‘Export to Word.’  Once your calendar is in Word, you can adjust margins, font size, resize and print the calendar.

    Watch this helpful tutorial on exporting calendars:

    Read a more in-depth article about printing your calendar.  

    Share via Email, Website Link, Plug-in, and iCalendar Feed


    One of the easiest ways to share the calendar is to email a link to the calendar to your congregation.  Click on the ‘Share Calendar’ button on the homepage and share your assigned web address in an email.  Members can click on the link in the email to access the calendar.

    Link to your church’s website

    You can also add the hyperlink to your website. Click on the ‘Share Calendar’ button on the home page.We provide different views:  Current Month, Current Week List, Current Day. Choose the link for your preferred view, then just copy and paste that link into your website.

    Event Viewer Plug-in 

    Use the Event View Plug-in to feature events from your calendar on your home page.  Click on the create your plug-in code snippet link for instructions. You must be logged in to your account to access this feature. 

    iCalendar Feed 

    You and your church members can subscribe to the iCalendar feed of your  My Church Events calendar to sync with their online calendars.  Click on the links below for specific instructions.

    Learn more about subscribing to your iCalendar feed

    How do I get my Time Zone correct on my iCalendar / iCal Feed?

    Additional Calendar Features

    There are many more details you can learn about using the help documents listed below. Click on each link to read more about that feature. 

    If you have a question about a feature or you can't find out or know how something works, you can do a keyword search under "Help".  

    Event features
    More Calendar Options

    Congratulations on creating your calendar!  

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